Precision Walnut Grip

Precision Walnut Grip

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Perfectly formed to the contours of your hand, this grip is not only functional but adds a touch of class to any rifle. 

There is both a Flat Top’ and ‘Beavertail’ grip version.

The ‘Flat top’ version will fit on any Rifle or chassis system that uses AR15 pattern grips.

The ‘Beavertail’ version has the extra curved bit of wood at the top of the grip. This version will fit AR15’s but may not work with some other chassis and firearms.

If you are unsure whether the Beavertail grip will work with your setup please send us an email describing what you have and we will be able to tell you which version you should order.

As always grips are made one at a time by hand and hand finished with oil. Mounting hardware is included.

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